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Anastasius Uhler Comes to America

"At the Courthouse of Philadelpha, Aug. 11th, 1732. . . .

A List was Presented of the Names of One Hundred and Six Palatines, who with their Families, making in all about Two hundred and Seventy nine Persons, were imported here in the Ship Samuel, of London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance of the Officers of the Customs there." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, P. 432.

[List 19 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Samuel, of London, Hugh Piercy, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes in Gr. Britian p. Clearance thence. Qualified August 11th 1732.

Passenger List:

Anastasius Uhler (apparently he could read and write as he signed his name)

Philadia August 11th 1732.

Present The Honble Patrick Gordon, Esqr, Lt Govr, Sam1

From the book, "Genealogy of The Uhler Family ~ From the Year 1735 to the Younger Generation" by George H. Uhler, 1835, Lebanon, Pa.

Anastasius Uhler - Born in Germany about 1710

Christopher, born 1741

Martin, born 1745

Michael, born 1746

From "Notes and Queries" p. 258

Anastasius Uhler and wf. Dorothea

Catharine Barbara, b. Oct. 29, 1738; bap. Jan. 29, 1739. Sp. Michael Boltz and wf. Catharine and Balthaser Ort and wf. Barbara.

Christopher, b. Feb. 2, 1741; bap. March 25, 1741. Sp. Balthaser Ort and wf. Barbara.

Anna Barbara, b. March 20, 1743; bap. March 27, 1743. Sp. Balthaser Ort and wf.

Joh. Martin, b. Sept. 24, 1744; bap. Oct. 28, 1744. Sp. Martin Kirstaetter and wf.

Michael, b. April 22, 1746; bap. May 25, 1746. Sp. Michael Wagener and Margaret Roth.

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